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I have something The Pelican Queen and I must speak about. Now, I know it was a shock for you when the Llamas announced their pregnancies and your first reaction was, quite rightly, to say that it wasn't possible because your pelicans can only reproduce with other pelicans.

Please hear me out ;)

I think what we may have here (yet again) is something to do with the camels, ultimately. I have not quite figured that part out yet, but we will.

I would hope that once your initial shock wears off, you would not actually wish for the Llamas to have been poisoned. The Llamas like you. I would not want the Pelicans to be poisoned. Please bear in mind that if we hypothetically say that the Llamas *are* pregnant, then we should most definitely NOT want them to have been poisoned.

Now, you and I know that some strange things have happened in our armies over the last few months. hahahahaha. That almost goes without saying. I do not think it 100% impossible that either, naturally for some reason, the pelicans and the llamas are making pelilamas or llamicans. We cannot know everything on earth (although you and I do, really) but it is always possible that something strange has happened here.

I am also highly suspicious that this has something to do with the camels. Whether it be a case of brainwashing, poisioning, genetically modifying a pelican and a llama until they found out how to make it work. Those stupid-humps will stop at nothing.


Do you remember this post? You posted fortune cookies for the armies

The pelicans were told: You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly.

I laughed and said the llamas would think they knew what that meant (i.e. big down below) and they wouldn't be very happy, because it's the llamas that are meant to be the big ones etc. This was before I knew that the stupid-beaks and the white-dummies had got married, though. So in fact, I was extremely wrong when I said the llamas wouldn't be happy about it. The Llamas were, well, clearly very 'satisfied' by it, shall we say.

I feel that this particular fortune cookie + the shock wedding + the fact that quite honestly the Llamas *are* pregnant I can tell you that and it's not by other Llamas + the fact that Llamas are only supposed to be able to breed with other Llamas = some funny business.

I find that when there is some funny business, it usually involves the camels.

We must think about all of this very carefully because we have to make our moves wisely. I imagine the elephants and the badgers will help us with the wise bit. The lemurs and the camels are quite clearly out of the picture just now, especially after seeing the results of a quiz in my journal today. The meerkats and the penguins are going to have to cancel their holiday to Amsterdam and they and the rabbits have to shape up and start acting like the armies they are meant to be. They will complain, but that is tough.

The Llamas and The Pelicans deserve us to do our utmost best for them in this situation. They were the first army in each case and I think they really need our help now. I think now is the time to set aside grudges, mend fences, build bridges, crack open a few bottles of wine perhaps.

Then we will find a building to use as Headquarters for the operations.

We will find out what is going on. We will also get the lemurs back.

The Pelican Queen and I will be organising lists and rotas over the next few days so that you will all know what your duties are. We expect you to do your very best. Anything less than the best will not be good enough and we will have to terminate you.

If you find, at any point, that the stresses and strains are showing, please feel free to speak to the lemur_therapist who will be providing free counselling sessions for everyone, as long as you can prove you are a meerkat, a penguin, a rabbit, a pelican, a llama, an elephant, a badger or an alpaca. Anything that remotely resembles a lemur or a camel will be fenced in and dealt with.

We must take action.

Granny Hag is knitting bootees.

We must fight for our Llamas and Pelicans BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM.

Be careful out there.

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