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The Killer Llamas Versus The Killer Pelicans

Lager Lava

Killer Llamas vs Killer Pelicans
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It all started here a long, long time ago.

This journal is dedicated to two wonderful species of animals called luckylove and opheliablue. Wait a minute, that ain't right. It's for the Llamas and Pelicans. luckylove and opheliablue are just responsible for the existance of this journal. The saga of the killer pelicans and llamas was driving people mad so they decided to continue it here.

Some quotes
"I only do what the pelicans tell me to."


"We haven't been drinking, hic, honest, hic."

"We're intelligent"

"Don't Call Us Bunnies"

"The Llamas are working on their weapons of mass destruction. At least they can find them."

killer_lemurs "We like to fall out of trees laughing."

killermeerkats "The killermeerkats are watching you...and they can see through your clothes."

killer_wasps "We buzz. We sting. But we hate Sting. We liked The Police though."

The killer_wasps are here to sting you to sleep. And laugh while we're doing it.

It gets worse.
The killer_pelicans have been joined by the killerpenguins_, killerelephants and the killerrabbits_.
Meanwhile opheliablue and her killer_llamas have recruited the killer_lemurs and killermeerkats.

The creation of this community was supposed to stop things like this from happening. It failed. For nearly all of the entries relavent to this saga please click here

Enjoy the show . . .

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