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I'm so special I'm the only one in my clique - me&my 20 personalities

I refuse to post my cliques! killersquirrels you have not added all of me yet (ummm... all of my army that is - and their entourage) - they have all added you and they are very excited about seeing their new 'cliques' so they have asked me to ask you to please add them all back.

Same to the _killerhyraxes - although I'm not sure that they will respond very well to me asking them :P I think they are probably Trouble, but they are also very cute - and anyway, yes, all of me have added you. We need you to add all of us back or OUR CLIQUES DON'T WORK properly and we want to be in with the in crowd.

OH AND _killergoldfish, you haven't added killermeerkats yet - they are crying :P

Other than that, I was also a member of 2 cliques of size 17, like The Pelican Queen, before. At the moment I am a member of ONE clique of size 19. ONE CLIQUE?????????!!!????!?!

omg everyone hates me :((

Ok I could remove the squirrels and hyraxes from all my flists and see the cliques then, but jesus christ I just spent HOURS adding all the ones I hadn't added yet and I can't face doing it again. Yet.
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